Our family has farmed these hills and fields for several centuries.  We are honored to share with you our products and the beauty of our area.


Olive oil from our region is the highest quality 100% Umbrian DOP extra virgin olive oil.

While several Italian regions produce olive oil, Umbria produces one of the very highest quality oils. Our olives come from Umbrian hills owned by a storied, aristocratic family for many centuries.

This is a land full of Etruscan tombs, Roman ruins, fertile soil for vineyards and olive groves in a staggeringly gorgeous countryside.

We are deep in the Umbrian countryside and use no pesticides. Every olive grows in the sun and wind and rain on these beautiful and historic hills. Our olive varieties include frantoio, leccino, and moraiolo. We press them almost immediately after they are harvested from the trees, which is critical for a pure and salubrious product.

Most producers in our area have a small, boutique production grown at a high elevation compared. Our output per tree is smaller but the quality much higher.

Olive oil from our area, unlike many supermarket olive oils, has the following characteristics:

  • 100% of olives sourced from one place like ours. Seek 100% Italian or 100% Spanish or 100% Greek, but never a mix. Beware of European Union oil mixes. Also beware of “Tuscan” oil that actually uses Tunisian olives but processes in Tuscany – sadly you may never really know the truth as they are not required to put this on the label. With our oil, we personally pick the olives off of our trees here in Umbria. It’s our guarantee to you.DOP olive oil, which is even more specific. This is like DOC for wine. It means in Italian “Protected Designation of Origin”. The olives come not just from one country but a very specific zone within an Italian region. Our olives are DOP “Colli Orvietani”, which means the Hills above Orvieto. Every olive grew in the Italian sun and wind and rain on those hills.
  • Extra virgin olive oil, not just olive oil. This means that the olive oil can have a maximum of 0.8% acidity.
  • Polyphenols. These naturally occurring olive compounds have significant health benefits towards digestion, diabetes, heart health, and cancers. Did you know that olive oil is classified as a medicine by the FDA? This is due to its extraordinary health benefits.
  • “First Cold Press”. What does this mean? Two things. One, the olives were processed once, not run through the mill multiple times. Two, the temperature cannot exceed a maximum of 25 degrees Celsius, because higher temperatures result in lower quality oil. Look for this on the label

Why purchase small batch oil?

  • Most local olive oils have all of the characteristics mentioned above.
  • The oil is typically is shipped directly to you, not stored in customs warehouses for months. We guarantee quality.
  • The olives are grown without pesticides.
Ripalta, italian extra virgin oil DOP


Let us know if you are interested in recommendations for local olive oil and we are happy to respond.


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Our family has farmed these lands for many two centuries. We are happy to share with you our products and the beauty of these hills and fields.